Fifties Fashion with Lindy Bop

fashion50sIt’s clear it was a decade oozing sex appeal. Numerous cultural icons rebelled and broke through this conservatism, becoming timeless sex symbols.

Marilyn Monroe is undoubtedly the ultimate female sex symbol of all time. Her pin-up shoots sought to accentuate her beautiful curves with nipped in waists and tight fabrics. For a 1950s audience, the amount of skin bared by pin-up girls like Monroe may have been the most they had ever seen in their lives and she was undoubtedly the biggest sex icon of the day.
While nowadays we are used to seeing women bare their flesh, Monroe’s healthy curves and confident sexuality make her a classic sex symbol.

Her classy, sophisticated looks often included beautiful lace and silk ball gowns, rendered sexy by their plunging necklines. This kind of sex appeal was more subtle in that it was about imagining what was underneath rather than laying everything bare.
Iconic sexual figures and fashions have continued to influence modern day trends with their timeless styles.

At the other end of the spectrum were designers who sought to radiate sex appeal whilst remaining elegant. Even in 2014.


Using nipped-in waists and tight body-con dresses to create curves is something that has influenced the burlesque style pioneered by Dita Von Teese. The leather biker jacket also continues to be every fashionista’s staple, for both men and women. While we may never live up to the inherent sexiness of 1950s icons, by channelling their style we can attempt to re-live this gloriously sexy decade. Click on the eBay link for all of our Lindy Bop Dresses. For one of these dresses will give you Icon status.

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iPhone 6 release – Retro Phones were they better?

With the iPhone 6 unveiled yesterday lets take a look at Four Retro Mobiles that hold a place in our hearts

iPhone Original

THE ORIGINAL APPLE IPHONE 2008 The reviews for the original iPhone were pretty negative, dropping calls and 2G-only mobile data, but it remains a collectors item none the less


nokia 3210

NOKIA 3210 – At the end of the last century when everyone and their mum purchased their first mobile this was the most popular, selling 160 Million Units world wide. Now games on our phones are just a day-to-day thing but in 1999 it was all about Snake


NOKIA 8110: THE MATRIX PHONE – There are plenty of gadgets that have entered into folklore due to their role in movies and the Nokia 8110 AKA The Matrix Phone sits pretty high on that list. One of the great Keanu Reeves looking surprised moments in the 1999 Film is when Neo discovers spring action slider on his new phone.


MOTOROLA DYNATEC 800X – This year, mobile phone celebrated it’s 30th birthday. In 1984 the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X arrived on the market. The 13 inch long handheld cellphone had a battery life of about half an hour. If you were to purchase now with the adjustment for inflation it would cost £5000, so the mobile era had begun.

That seems extremely expensive no doubt to most people, we have some great bargains on eBay click on

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Wedding Season Survival Guide

As we wade into wedding season where every available weekend over the summer seems to be punctuated by somebody or other pledging their troth.Whether you are aiming to be a host and hostess (i.e groom and bride) there are many pitfalls to avoid whilst simultaneously embracing the loveliness that is a good wedding – something we know all about having organised and attended many hundreds of them in our time collectively.





Despairing of finding the right outfit that toes the line between dressed-up enough but suitably demure or sartorially respectful but not slobby? Don’t fret, but apply the same rule of high-low dressing that you would when shopping for a look that defines ‘daytime smart’. Try a beautifully cut shift dress or floor length printed gown to avoid being mistaken for a bridesmaid and style it up with fun heels and accessories to personalise and give a sense of occasion to your look. For gentlemen, be guided by any dress code given in the invitation as these tend to apply far more to men as couples are often anxious to avoid anybody turning up in jeans or shorts (unless it is a very relaxed affair). But put your own stamp on the look, too.

From a natty polka dot pocket square to a great hat – which have enjoyed something of a renaissance – and contrasting different fabric finishes there are lots of ways to reinterpret formal wear. A seersucker suit or coloured chinos with a blazer look impeccable and cool for a destination wedding, whilst velvet dinner jackets in midnight blue or smoky charcoal make for fancier options for black tie. Just beware of upstaging anyone: never wear white or very pale shades or anything that could confuse you with the bride or groom.

GIVE GOOD GIFT: If you’re selecting from a gift list or going off-piste with your choice of wedding present, try to reflect your relationship and think about what the couple in question would really like. Countless couples have cohabited years before they marry so are unlikely to need any more staples. Think about those more important photographs or Guest Book. We have many of these in our store that would be a fabulous gift.

Wedding Album










TIGER FEET: Be it as the bride or a guest, if your chosen big day shoes are liable to pinch or rub something rotten, have a pair of flats to hand.

STRICTLY COME DANCING: Almost anything is forgivable when it comes to wedding dancing – better to prance around and be jolly than a spoilsport whom every person will try and persuade to dance. All night long. Trust us on this, and even if you are cursed with two left feet, stick to an easy two-step routine, loosen up your hips and occasionally drop in a shoulder shrug, arms above your head moment and even better, find a partner to spin around to halve the workload.

dancing at


Planning a getaway but not sure where to go? Let your travel style, and that of your closest friends and family, guide the way.

What is travel style? It’s how you like to travel. Do you stick to a budget or do you indulge in the five-star treatment? Do you like adventure or do you prefer rest and relaxation?luxury-destination-cuba-beaches-sea-caribbean-8

Planning a trip with travel styles in mind lets you filter out the destinations and activities that you and you’re nearest and dearest will and will not enjoy. If some of you love to go hiking, then plan a trip to the mountains. Alternatively, if you hate the outdoors, plan a weekend of spa treatments and shopping.

Let your interests guide the way.

Also, think about how you like to travel. Do you enjoy driving or flying? Some destinations are only accessible by one mode of transportation, so that’s something to consider in planning your trip.

So you have the holiday sorted now for the packing. You’re old case is looking a bit tatty and has seen better days.

Look no further this case will match your holiday. Walking through the airport will be a pleasure pulling along this stylish case. Listed on my eBay store go and take a gander!




BlackBerry lovely shape – but is it going out of fashion?

Let’s face it. The selection of BlackBerry devices isn’t huge in comparison to the likes of Android – but there are still a few different options depending on your needs. When we break things down, for the most part all the devices are sporting the same OS (or at least they can be, depending on your carrier) so you don’t really have to base your choice of software, which is nice. What you do need to decide however is what you’re willing to spend and how you’ll be using your device. Are you straight up messaging or do you watch movies often? Play games or stick to social apps?Some of these will influence what device you go with, though you’ll be able to do all of them on any BlackBerry you choose. Once you’ve chosen, what’s the best case to protect it? If you love the look of

jubileePurple Croc blackberryJubilee or Purple Croc with Crest, I have them all.








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A women’s love for Handbags

Mariella Bag16 per cent of women who have bought handbags in the last twelve months admit to having bought on impulse.

When it comes to buying fashion accessories, including handbags, it seems most women still cannot resist a bargain, with over half of them motivated by sales or discounts.

Handbags are a staple part of our look, not only do they carry around all of our essentials, but they complete an outfit too in most cases.

Panda’s are lovely…..or are they?


The newest update to Google’s search algorithm, Panda 4.0. A nice fluffy animal of which eats and sleeps a lot!

Google penalised websites for two reasons last week. Firstly websites with thin content or a lack of authority on a subject or keyword, and secondly websites using spam tactics to generate links for keywords. Sometimes the two go hand-in-hand.

Do eBay and its investors need to worry about the impact Google’s search algorithm may have on the online retailer’s business? eBay has authority. There’s no doubt about that.

As a website facilitating billions of pounds in e-commerce every year, Google probably wouldn’t penalise eBay for a lack of authority. eBay would like a little fluffy panda trawling the web?

Hopefully they wont be affected.